Tackling fly tipping in West Hampstead

Like you, we love living in West Hampstead and Fortune Green and we take pride in the community that we live in. However, we’re incredibly sad to see the way fly-tipping and uncollected rubbish has become a real eye-sore, and Agamemnon Road and Gondar Gardens have suffered in particular.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen BBQs and mattresses abandoned on the footways, and the small litter bins are often overflowing and used as unofficial dumping points. Fortune Green itself has become badly affected. You may have spotted a whole kitchen was dumped over the summer.

It’s not just the roads in our ward that are affected. Whether you walk to the stations or take your children to school, you can’t have missed the shocking state of West End Lane in the mornings.

Recycling has fallen a fifth since 2010, reports of vermin are all too commonplace, and foxes continue to cause a mess in our streets.

We won’t let this become an acceptable state for our neighbourhood. Sadly, this is not a new issue. Labour took the unwise decision last year to reduce waste collections from once a week to once a fortnight, which has had a dramatic impact on the cleanliness of our streets.

Your local Conservative team won’t give up the fight to restore weekly bin collections to all residents in West Hampstead and Fortune Green. We are continuing to fight on your behalf and hold Camden Labour accountable for the terrible service. We regularly walk the roads, making sure the abandoned rubbish is properly reported and cleared where the Council are failing.

But there is more Camden Council could be doing:

• We want to increase fines for fly-tipping to £400, in line with other boroughs, and increase fines for littering to £150

• We want to impose fines on people littering from vehicles.

• We will press to make Camden’s recycling centre open for longer to help with recycling of larger items.

We also want to get the drinking fountains on Fortune Green and West End Green working again and introduce a plastic bottle deposit scheme to reduce plastic waste.

Fortune Green is the furthest ward from the Town Hall and often forgotten or ignored by Labour’s Camden Council.

Camden Conservatives will always fight to make sure your views are heard. Please get in touch if you have any concerns you want us to raise.

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