Have Your say at the 100 Avenue Road Public Meeting 19 October

We want to make sure that you are aware of a Public Meeting that is being held at the Harris Academy (formerly called Quintin Kynaston) on the other side of Finchley Road in Marlborough Hill, this coming Thursday October 19th between 7 and 9 pm.

Brent Council hoarding cash meant for local services!

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is raised through charging a levy on planning developments in Brent,and has been levied since 2013.Currently, Brent has around £60 million of unspent monies from CIL......and rising......just stuck in the bank!

Bacton flowering again with Marx de Morais

Bacton Tower, at the heart of Gospel Oak ward was hit by our own team of Guerrilla Gardeners, led by Marx de Morais, at the weekend. They used plants donated buy the community to green up empty planters (neglected by Camden Council) in Gospel Oak. 

Living Wage helps 300,000 out of low pay

The number of workers on low pay in the UK has fallen by more than 300,000 following the Conservatives’ introduction of the national living wage, a think tank says.

David Gauke Conference Speech

“In 2010, our economy faced a crisis. 
We were borrowing more than at any time in our peace time history.
Unemployment had risen by nearly 850,000 in the previous two years, we had just under 4 million workless households. 

Andrew RT Davies: Conference Speech

Good afternoon conference,
If a week in politics is a long time, then a year can seem like a lifetime.
As you can see, the months have etched themselves into my forehead…

Sajid Javid: Fixing injustices in our housing market

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just fifteen hundred yards away from the site of the worst terrorist atrocity seen in this country since 7/7.
An attack that was aimed at children.
But, the next day in Albert Square, I saw something that makes me so very proud to be British.