Opposing an unworkable development on Hampstead's Streatley Place

Development on the tiny site at 6 Streatley Place will affect hundreds of residents. as well as schools and businesses.

Streatley Place is the historic Victorian pedestrian walkway between Heath Street and New End. Your Conservative councillors opposed this new building, which has an unsightly design, but Camden Council planning officers approved it.

The construction management plan issued with the planning application will cause havoc in the area. Camden’s planning officer and transport officers are ignoring this, but your Conservative councillors aren’t.

The current construction management plan will adversely affect schools, children, residents, and businesses. It is wrong and unworkable. The following will be affected:
Pedestrianised Streatley Place, Flask Walk, New End, Lutton Tettace, New End School and Nursery, Christchurch School Christchurch Hill, Heathside School, Boades Mews, Mansfield Place,  Back Lane, Well Walk & Gayton Road, And a vital loading bay on Back Lane for businesses on Heath Street and the High Street.

Camden Council are not concerned by this, but we are. Cllr Stephen Stark is leading the fight on this. He has already made representations to the Camden officers against this plan, and has met the director of planning and head of planning from Camden Council on site.

Please email us to support our fight to persuade Camden that the construction management plan must not be implemented in light of its far-reaching impact on our community.

As the photo shows The narrow Streatley Place staircase, which the developer wants to narrow even further! And the developer wants to drive a 9ft (2.7m) skip lorry down 6ft (1.8m) wide Flask Walk

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Cllr Tom Currie:            07783 401129 tom.currie@camden.gov.uk
Cllr Stephen Stark:      07467 338862 stephen.stark@camden.gov.uk