Labour Shadow Minister outlines radical plan to DOUBLE council tax on properties worth over £320,000

Labour Shadow Minister Chris Williamson, who is a long-time ally of Jeremy Corbyn, has laid out plans to double council tax on better off homes.
·       In an interview with the Huffington Post, Williamson outlined a radical plan to double the council tax on ‘wealthier’ properties. This would double council tax on properties costing over £320,000. You can read his plans here.
·       Williamson also proposed raising council tax on ‘average’ properties by 20 per cent.
·       The proposal has been welcomed by members of the grassroots group Momentum across the country. Bristol’s Momentum branch has proposed a variation of the Williamson plan, which would triple council taxes on the most expensive homes.
Why this matters: This latest news confirms what we have always known: that a Labour government would lead to punitive tax hikes, paid for by ordinary homeowners and their families.   

This is warning of what Camden council may do if Labour have a landslide win in the local elections on May 3rd