Conservatives win majority but fall agonisingly short locally

The general election's over, and we want to thank everyone that supported the Conservatives in Hampstead & Kilburn.  As your local representatives, we’ve worked tirelessly to stand up for you and champion our area - and, of course, convince people to back the Conservatives, David Cameron, and Simon Marcus locally.

In the last five years, we’ve steered the economy from the brink of collapse to the strongest growth in the G7; seen the creation of two million new jobs - 80% of them full-time; increased funding for the NHS, including £100m more a year for the Royal Free Hospital; and have more children in good or outstanding schools than ever before, including five new schools in Hampstead & Kilburn.  We had a strong message and strong leadership - and we’re delighted that the country agreed and have voted for five more years of our economic plan.

In Hampstead & Kilburn, we saw the second-largest increase in the Conservative vote anywhere in the country - with almost 23,000 people voting Conservative: 5,000 more people than did in 2010.  We achieved the second-biggest increase in the Conservative vote share anywhere in the country: increasing our vote by almost 10% for the second election in a row.  Sadly, although we won across large parts of the country, that wasn’t quite enough here, with Labour winning with a small majority of 1,138.  But with over 42% of the vote - eight times as many votes as the third-placed Liberal Democrats - it’s clear the Conservatives are the only opposition to Labour in our community.

I want to thank you for all of your support: whether that was by putting that cross in the all-important box on your ballot paper, or by standing on doorsteps in the driving rain in November, talking to local residents about their concerns.  Without you, we would not have come so close and achieved such an awesome number of votes.  Thank you.