Chris Philp wont be fighting Hampstead & Kilburn in 2015

As you may know, the party will be selecting Parliamentary Candidates for marginal seats towards the end of this year, based on current boundaries. Even though there is chance that boundaries may still change, this is a very sensible measure to ensure that candidates have plenty of time to build up their profile in the seats that they are contesting.
Having thought long and hard, I have decided not to put my name forward for Hampstead & Kilburn at the 2015 election.
I put my heart and soul into fighting for Hampstead & Kilburn in my four years as your Parliamentary Candidate, and feel that I did everything possible for that election. I therefore think that in 2015 someone else should have the opportunity of contesting the seat.
As you know, I hugely enjoyed being your candidate. The Officer team and volunteer team here in Hampstead & Kilburn were fantastic. And David Douglas is the best agent I have ever come across. The result we achieved together was incredible - we almost doubled the number of votes cast for the Conservative Party compared to 2005, and added 10 percentage points to our share of the vote. If the result we achieved here in Hampstead & Kilburn in 2010 had been repeated nationally, we would now have a Conservative Government with an outright majority of around 100. I would like to thank again everyone who helped with the 2010 campaign - everything you did made a huge difference in that election. I will never forget it, and will always be grateful. The memory of the 2010 campaign will stay with me forever.

Of course, Hampstead & Kilburn is now the most marginal seat in the country. With the Lib Dem vote collapsing, it will be possible to get former Lib Dem voters to vote Conservative and so beat Labour in 2015. We know that such voters respond well to on-the-ground campaigning. This means that, with hard work, Hampstead & Kilburn is highly winnable in 2015 - and winning here will be essential to forming a proper majority Conservative Government. In fact, it is a must-win seat.
I will of course still be around to help as a volunteer - and look forward joining fellow Conservatives pounding the pavements in in the next couple of weeks to make sure that we hold the Hampstead Town council seat in the by-election on the 27th.
Many thanks again for all your support during my time as your Parliamentary Candidate,
With best wishes,
Chris Philp
Hampstead & Kilburn Parliamentary Candidate, 2010 Election