David Brescia

David Brescia is the Chairman of the Conservative Ward Association of West Hampstead. 

"I’ve lived in West Hampstead for 17 years: on Finchley Road, Broomsleigh Street, and now Iverson Road.

I’m the secretary of the West Hampstead Neighbourhood Development Forum: fighting against over-development.  Camden plans to pack 2,000 extra people into West Hampstead in the coming years: putting additional strain on services.

I’m working with the local residents’ association to address parking and traffic on Maygrove and Iverson Roads.

I’ve also campaigned to restore weekly bin collections for all residents and tougher action on fly-tipping, having seen the impact Labour’s cuts have had on cleanliness of our streets."

Email: david.brescia@hotmail.co.uk

Twitter: @Brescia_David