We have just written to all residents in South End Green, Hampstead, to update them about the roadworks on Fleet Road (by South End Green) that were dropped on residents — and us as councillors — with no notice.  We want to provide an update, as Camden Council and TfL have remained silent. The works will not be completed before Christmas, and likely the New Year, despite us being told — as opposition Conservative Councillors — that works would last until 8th December.  While roadworks are sometimes more complicated than first envisaged, delays of this length ought to be extraordinarily, rather than the norm. Given that — and given the disturbance, which has caused massive tailbacks and bus diversions — the lack of information from the authorities has been unacceptable.

Key points

 ■ While the works were envisaged to be complete by 8th December, we are now told it will be after Christmas at the earliest, but given continual push-back, it is frankly completely unknown.

■ The works have now excavated to a depth of 7 metres (22 feet) to expose the collapsed pipes.

■ Despite some drivers using the bus parking spots behind the former public toilets, this is not safe (or lawful) and causes more delays, so we urge drivers not to use this.

■ Diversions to the 24 and 46 (via Constantine Road), and C11 (via Southampton Road) will continue, but are under review by TfL, Camden Council, and the traffic management team.

■ We have reported a number of occasions when ambulances have been stuck in traffic for a long time, and urged TfL and Camden to find ways to prevent this danger.

 We have been severely disappointed that residents have been left in the dark.  Please contact us if your local Conservatives can do anything for you. In the meantime, we wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

UPDATE TO SOUTH END GREEN ROADWORKS CHAOS Contact us Email  agent@hampsteadandkilburnconservatives.co.uk Phone  020 7794 5679

Cllr Oliver Cooper Councillor for Hampstead oliver.cooper@camden.gov.uk

Cllr Maria Higson Councillor for Hampstead maria.higson@camden.gov.uk 

Cllr Stephen Stark Councillor for Hampstead stephen.stark@camden.gov.uk