Stop noise pollution in Swiss Cottage!

Today we organised for Greater London Assembly Member, Shaun Bailey, to visit Swiss Cottage station to speak to affected residents and learn more about the effect that this problem is having on their lives. Shaun is a member of the Transport Committee at City Hall and has agreed to take up this issue with his Chair. He will now also write to the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, directly to ask what action he is taking on this issue, and why there have been so many delays by Transport for London to date. Shaun made it clear that this station is unacceptable and that something must be done as soon as possible – we will continue to support Shaun in his representations to TfL and the Mayor.

We are also continuing to make our own representations to both TfL and Camden Council to seek urgent investigations into what is causing the increased level of noise. This noise is clearly very disruptive to those in the proximity of Swiss Cottage station and is having a detrimental impact on the peacefulness of people’s homes and their sleep.

We will continue to do all we can to bring about a resolution to this problem. If you are affected or have any queries, please email If you are affected and have not already logged your complaint with TfL directly, we encourage you to do so here:

Swiss Cottage Conservative Action Team

Cllr Don Williams: 020 7372 8428

Kate Fairhurst: 07729 909144

Calvin Robinson: 07401 225846