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We recently revealed how Camden is cutting residents’ weekly bin collections to just once a fortnight for almost every street in Camden, north of Camden Town, from April. This is despite Labour having been elected in the 2014 council elections on a manifesto promise to keep weekly bin collection for all residents.

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Innumerable residents – including many former Labour and Lib Dem voters – have been in touch with us. They agree that it’s inherently unfair that they should have to keep paying the same Council Tax as people in the south of the
borough, who will continue to enjoy weekly service. Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked mosted frequently:

Q: “Don’t we have a right to appeal?”
A: Conservative councillors have asked Labour for openness and consultation of which roads and properties would lose their services. In reply, Camden said, “It’s pretty much set in stone.” Camden Conservatives will fight to restore weekly collections everywhere, but also make representations to ensure the hardest-hit roads have their services restored.

Q: “How much money is Camden really going to save by cutting my weekly bin collection?”
A: Camden has now admitted that cutting your bin collections in half is only going to save them £821,000 per year: just £8 for every household in the borough. However, the true savings will be even less, as Camden will have to spend more of your money combatting the fly-tipping epidemic and explosion in rat infestations that will follow.In the meantime, at least one private company has already been formed, offering to continue to collect your rubbish on
the weeks that Camden Council is cutting back from April – but for an extra £400 per household per year!

Q: “What’s this about council inspectors snooping through my bins and knocking on my door?”
A: Residents were alarmed to hear Labour’s Cabinet member responsible for waste Cllr Meric Apak, declare at a West Hampstead public meeting on 9th January: “In my view, we’ve been too nice” to residents, and that
if they continued to mix recyclable and non-recyclable waste, “we will have our officers knock on doors, and find out who is responsible.” Camden also said that if residents didn’t abide by new rules about how to leave out rubbish, “Veolia will refuse to collect it. The [dustmen] will take a photo, and the council will come to your house and talk to you’.

On 30th January, Conservative councillor Oliver Cooper asked Cllr Apak about these draconian statements and invited him to rule out snooping through people’s bins. Cllr Apak refused to withdraw the threat.
Q: “What can I do to restore my weekly collections?”

A: We’re collecting signatures for a petition against the bin cuts at Camden Conservatives will reinstate weekly bin collections if we regain control of Camden Council. The next local
elections are in May 2018 and local residents have a chance to tell Labour that their waste contract is rubbish.

Stop the bin cuts: cut our petition at


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