Oliver Cooper elected in landslide in Hampstead Town

Conservative candidate Oliver Cooper won in the Hampstead Town by-election on Thursday in a landslide victory.

Oliver won 51% of the vote: up 8% since 2014 - securing a swing from Labour of almost 2%.  This is the highest percentage that we'd won in Hampstead Town since 1978, while the 2,693 votes Oliver won is the most that the Conservatives have won in any election in any ward in Camden's fifty-year history.  Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats have fallen to fourth, behind the Greens: emphasising that the Conservatives are the only opposition to Labour in Hampstead & Kilburn.

Oliver's campaign focused on five main issues: opposing Labour's plans to reduce bin collections to once a fortnight, protecting Hampstead from overdevelopment, fighting for local businesses and pubs, opposing Labour and the Lib Dems' Mansion Tax and Council Tax hike, and preserving Hampstead Heath.

Oliver Cooper said, "Hampstead residents have sent the strongest signal possible that they reject Camden Labour's agenda for our borough.  Labour do not have a mandate to reduce bin collections to once a fortnight in Hampstead."