Object now to save Gondar Gardens

Object now to save Gondar Gardens

A planning application has been submitted to turn Gondar Gardens, this precious green space of high environmental value, into a luxury retirement village. We support residents’ objections to this six-storey development:

• It will irrevocably damage the Site of Nature Conservation Importance: The site is a ‘Green lung … of high environmental value’, according to the Planning Inspector. Between the building process, additional light and noise, and general damage, this area will be irrevocably damaged.

• Its size is excessive: The application is six-storeys in an area that is overwhelmingly three storeys. And with 82 luxury flats, 15 nursing beds, private swimming pool, catering and nursing facilities; it will effectively remove all open space.

• There is no attempt to embed it into the community: The new development will be a self-contained luxury enclave, and contains no affordable housing.

• It will increase traffic and parking issues: Residents already struggle from excessive traffic and a lack of parking. Whilst the new development is meant to be ‘car-free’, visitors and staff will exacerbate current issues. Accessibility for elderly tenants will also be a problem.

• Residents’ views will be destroyed: The extensive views enjoyed by residents are considered a ‘considerable public asset’, according to the inspector. Previously, planning applications worked to ensure these views were protected, but this application will destroy them.

• It directly contradicts the Neighbourhood Plan: We campaigned for the Neighbourhood Plan and believe the Council should respect it. This development contravenes the requirement to retain open space and protect bio-diversity and wildlife. It will set a precedent for planning applications, leading further to excessively large-scale development.

1,500 residents have already signed a petition, but now we need objections to be submitted to the Council to stop this development. You can submit by the 13th December 2017 deadline by:

• Camden’s website: Search for planning application 2017/6045/P and ‘add comments here’

• By email: Email planning@camden.gov.uk, quoting 2017/6045/P in the subject line

• By post: Write to Development Management, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, FREEPOST LON14608, WC1H 9JE

Every objection will help us to save the Gondar Gardens!

Ian Cohen:07973 869117 ian.coh@blueyonder.co.uk
Chantelle De Villiers: 07545 588953 chantelle20211@hotmail.com
Axel Kaae: 07437 578735 axelkaae@outlook.com

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