Mice & Rats - Belsize Councillors take action

Belsize Ward councillors, Jonny Bucknell, Claire-Louise Leyland and Leila Roy have recently been made aware of the problems that many in Blashford Tower have been experiencing with rodents in the building. They visited and looked at the problems with the help of an experienced council pest control operative and also had professional building advice.

Once in the building, it is fairly easy for the mice to move about in services spaces. The obvious solutions are to stop-up the entry points and remove as many sources of attraction for these pests. To that end Belsize councillors, arranged for contractors to block up the various holes they noticed. They were fortunate that local architect, Steve Adams came with them when assessing the possible entry points to the Tower.

With Camden Council pest control and housing services they have also initiated a programme to deal with some of the potential source areas attractive to mice and rats, such as the old and un-used storage cupboards at the lower level beside the tower.

They have also asked that every effort is made to make sure the bins outside the building are kept with their lids closed. 

Camden tenants with rodent problems, please contact pest control on 020 79744444 or use the form

How to contact us
Cllr Jonny Bucknell: 07941 028088 jonny.bucknell@camden.gov.uk
Cllr Claire-Louise Leyland: 07798 846240 claire-louise.leyland@camden.gov.u
Cllr Leila Roy: 07931 939020  leila.roy@camden.gov.uk



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