Kilburn and Cricklewood residents call for review of the CA-Q restricted parking hours.

Your local Conservative action team has heard complaints from residents that it is increasingly difficult to find parking spaces in West Hampstead and Fortune Green.

• Residents of Fordwych Road, and its spur roads, complain of rowdy, sometimes drunken, behaviour from groups using Kilburn High Road late at night and parking on these roads.

• Local residents complain that out-of-town shoppers use the side roads of West Hampstead and Fortune Green as a free parking lot on weekends, before continuing by tube into central London.

• Over the next few years, Labour-run Camden Council is cramming over 800 new homes into West Hampstead & Fortune Green. Labour thought it could ignore the extra pressure this would put on the area’s already congested roads by labelling these developments ‘car-free’: allowing the developers to get away without providing new parking spaces, while the Council would refuse to grant parking permits to the residents of the new developments. In reality, some residents of the new developments will still bring cars and simply park on neighbouring streets outside of the restricted hours (8.30am-6.30pm, Monday to Friday).

At a recent meeting of MILAM – the association for residents of Maygrove, Iverson, Loveridge, Ariel and Medley roads – some car-owners called on Camden Council to increase the restricted hours in your parking zone (CA-Q), to tackle problems such as those mentioned above. In response, Camden Council acknowledged “an increase in the hours of control would ensure that residents’ parking bays are available for residents’ exclusive use during the extended times which may reduce the struggle to find parking spaces”, but then added that Camden would only consider reviewing the existing parking restrictions if they received a petition of at least 800 signatures.

Such a petition has already been started by a local resident. Anyone interested can sign it here:

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