Have you completed your postal vote for Boris?


From Broomsleigh Street to Steeles Road, local campaigners spoke to thousands of postal voters on the doorstep and reminded them to fill in their ballot forms for Boris.


On England’s Lane, Finchley Road and Hampstead High Street, volunteers manned street stalls with the latest news from Boris; he will cut your Council Tax by 10%! Many residents were pleased to hear that Boris will be continuing to work for them on matters of crime, the Olympics, transport and Council Tax.


With the London Mayoral election now neck and neck, it is now more important than ever to ensure that you get out there and cast your vote for Boris Johnson.


Londoners have a clear choice between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone. Boris has driven down crime, invested money into an aging travel network and celebrated all that is great about London and each Londoner. Ken Livingstone, on the other hand, drove up Council Tax and increased the number of his cronies in City Hall when he was Mayor and is currently pitting community against community in a bid to return as Mayor.


Now imagine that divisive man representing you for the next four years!


To send a clear message to Ken and his cronies that you think ‘Not Ken Again’, put your cross next to Boris Johnson on May 3rd.


For more information on how you can get involved in the last few exciting days of campaigning please contact agent@hampsteadandkilburnconservatives.co.uk