Guerrilla Gardening in Gospel Oak

Guerrilla Gardening in Gospel Oak

Can we make Gospel Oak a pioneer of sustainability, a place for a healthy and happy neighbourhood?

Not based on a dictation from Camden Town Hall, but together as a community? Yes, and it’s often just small things that make a difference.

Earlier this year Marx de Morais got Camden to remove a huge pile of fly tipping and graffiti from Parliament Hill Bridge. Now he’s started the Gospel Oak Guerrilla Gardening project to continue to fight fly-tipping hotspots and plant flowers.

With a little bit of time and love for our community we can turn a problem into something beautiful. Bring a flower and a helping hand. Become a Guerrilla. Join #TeamGO every Sunday in Gospel Oak. #GuerrillaGO

You can help - If you have any plants, bulbs or seeds over for us to green up Gospel Oak, please drop me a line, or bring them over to our office at 1a Heath Hurst Rd, opposite Hampstead Heath Overground Station or if you want to join the team most on a Sunday planting and tending the plants.