Conservatives solve St Crispins Close bin problems

Residents of St Crispins Close recently contacted Marx De Morais and the Gospel Oak Conservative Team to report that many had missed their regular weekly bin collections. As a result of this error bins in on the street were overfilling, causing mess and attracting vermin.

We are very happy to let you know that, by working with Vamden Conservative councillors, we have ensured that regular weekly bin collections have resumed.

Unfortunately this will only continue until 1st April.

This is because the Labour-run Council has agreed a new waste contract which slashes weekly bin collections in St Crispins Close. We fear that the mess and disruption which they have experienced recently is only a preview of what will come when collections are reduced to fortnightly.

Many of you will probably already be aware of the changes starting on 1st April:
• Non-recyclable waste will only be collected once a fortnight.
• On collection day you will have to place your bins at the front boundary of your property, not on the pathway.
If you don’t, your waste won’t be collected.
• The Garden Tax is introduced: you will need to register to have your garden waste collected and pay £75 a year for it.

We are campaigning against these plans, which unfairly affect only the north of the borough. If you agree with us, please sign our on-line petition here

Camden Conservatives are committed to cleaning up Camden. We want to reintroduce weekly bin collections for all residents, scrap the nonsensical Garden Tax, and impose proper fines on fly-tippers. We will make this a top priority if we regain control of the Council in 2018.


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