Cllr Claire-Louise Leyland, Steve Adams and Cllr Leila Roy reporting back from Lancaster Grove, Belsize Park, NW3

We popped by this week to meet residents in Lancaster Grove, to find out about the issues or concerns that people have with Camden council services. It was lovely to speak to so many neighbours, who each raised a number of different matters with us: community safety, parking issues, problems with fortnightly rubbish collections, planning and building control issues.

A resident told us that there are sometimes several cars parked on the street for ages, with groups of people smoking marijuana. We know that this can feel threatening, so we’ve asked the Safer Neighbourhood Team to patrol the street more often in the evening.

Fortnightly waste collections have caused many problems, ever since they were implemented in April. We’ve contacted Camden repeatedly and been able to get officers to come out to see the issues firsthand. People told us that there are still many problems and we’ve reported each of these. You can use the Clean Camden app to report problems too:

This is such a beautiful street in our conservation area and many neighbours take a keen interest in our community and its history. Planning applications can cause real concern - some people told us that they have struggled to get information from the council, that enforcement cases are taking far too long to be resolved, and that they’re unhappy about the level of affordable housing that is being delivered in Camden. When people contact us about a local planning application, we often recommend the Belsize Residents’ Association’s leaflet “Advice on Commenting or Objecting to Planning Applications”. This is a very helpful guide that you can use to take an active role in shaping our area.

All the best,
Claire-Louise, Leila, Jonny and Steve

P.S. Our next Street Surgery is outside Tesco, Englands Lane on Saturday 2nd September, 10.30-12pm

How to contact us
Cllr Jonny Bucknell: 07941 028088
Cllr Claire-Louise Leyland: 07798 846240
Cllr Leila Roy: 07931 939020