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■ The owner of the O2 Centre, Land Securities, has proposed a massive new residential development on land currently used for the car park, Homebase, and car dealerships (see the map on the leaflet attached).

Traffic chaos at South End Green due to collapsed sewer

We’ve been informed by Transport for London of major road closures and bus diversions at South End Green for the next two weeks - beginning today. This is the result of a sewer collapse under Fleet Road.

Tackling fly tipping in West Hampstead

Like you, we love living in West Hampstead and Fortune Green and we take pride in the community that we live in. However, we’re incredibly sad to see the way fly-tipping and uncollected rubbish has become a real eye-sore, and Agamemnon Road and Gondar Gardens have suffered in particular.

Over-development in Hillfield Gardens West Hampstead

We’re disappointed with the approval of the ‘garden-grabbing’ planning application for 63 Hillfield Road — which includes building a brand new home in the garden, facing onto Achilles Road: posing problems of over-development, flooding, and harm to our community character.

Cleaning up Savernake Rd

Cleaning up Savernake Rd

Recycling wasn’t collected from hundreds of local homes on Monday, but this was fixed the following day after intervention by Camden’s Conservative councillors.