Camden Town & Primrose Hill Conservatives raise King Henry’s Road burglaries with police.

Conservatives raise King Henry’s Road burglaries with police.

Camden Town & Primrose Hill Conservatives recently received some reports of burglaries and thefts occurring on King Henry’s Road. Thieves have reportedly been taking advantage of construction sites to gain access to buildings and homes. Our team have spoken to the local police to notify them of this problem. They are now aware of this issue and will be taking steps to tackle the problem.

King Henry’s Road is served by the Camden Town and Primrose Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who can be contacted by telephone on 02071619184 or by email on

If you have any concerns regarding issues of neighbourhood crime and safety we would encourage you to speak to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team or to contact one of us, and we will happily take up the issue with them.

Ensuring that King Henry’s Road, and all streets in Primrose Hill, are safe is a priority for us: we are committed to saving our twelve dedicated police officers from Labour’s planned cuts.

We will continue to work with the police to keep our streets safe.

Do contact us if we can be of any help on issues of crime and safety or anything else.

How to contact us
Peter Horne:07487
Catherine McQueen: 020 7794 5679
Joel Roberts: 07789


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