Building Opposition to CS11

Six of your Conservative councillors attended the packed Cycle Superhighway 11 (CS11) public meeting at St Stephen's hall in Hampstead on Tuesday 28th September 2016.  Local people have serious concerns about the way Transport for London (TFL) are forcing an ill thought through scheme that will dramatically change our roads and access to Hampstead.

Labour's Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has indicated his support for CS11 in its current state but the final decision has yet to be made.  Camden Labour can refuse to approve the scheme if they are minded to listen to the thousands of residents asking for help.  We have highlighted the clear errors in planning this scheme, sought proper information and have been calling for it to be halted. 

TFL's original consultation was unfortunately flawed, leading to dissatisfaction from the outset.  They provided insufficient traffic modelling, had not thought through possible unintended consequences and did not factor in the massive impact of HS2. 

The concerns raised about CS11 should not be viewed as motorists v cyclists.  Everybody agrees that more cycling is great but campaigners have demonstrated that CS11 will create more congestion on Camden's already busy side roads and increase pollution from standing traffic in an area full of school children.  The area will be less safe for all road users and residents, including cyclists, particularly due to the negative impact on emergency service vehicles.  Disabled and elderly residents who rely on their cars are alarmed about the plans, at a time when TFL are also planning to cut buses into the centre of London.

The Conservative team will continue to listen to our residents and campaign for CS11to be stopped. 

The Conservative team present were 

Cllr Siobhan Baillie - Frognal & Fitzjohns
Cllr Jonny Bucknell - Belsize
Cllr Claire-Louise Leyland - Belsize
Cllr Leila Roy - Belsize
Cllr Gio Spinella - Frognal & Fitzjohns
Cllr Don Williams - Swiss Cottage