Belsize Councillors Reporting back From Antrim Road and Grove, Belsize Park, NW3

We popped by last week to meet residents in Antrim Road and Antrim Grove. We also went into Belsize Community Library and it was lovely to see it being so well used!

We were on your street to find out about any issues or concerns that you are having with Camden council services. People asked for our help - some had seen crimes committed by scooter gangs, there was also concern about the speed that vehicles reach on these small roads and rat running when traffic builds up at the Englands Lane traffic lights. Residents also asked us to speak out in support of the Globe Tennis Club, as they had heard that Camden council may have plans to close it. We were pleased that after much pressure, Camden has reassured the community that it is not under threat.

We know that fortnightly waste collections have caused many problems since they were implemented in April. We’ve contacted Camden about this repeatedly and are pleased that we’ve been able to get officers to come out to see the issues firsthand. People told us that there are still lots of waste and recycling issues on your street, so we’ve reported these. You can also use the Clean Camden app to report issues:here

Residents have told us they are still having problems with the cumulative impact of building works and that contractors are not respecting restrictions on working times. We noticed a lack of control of local building sites, with materials and debris spread over the public footpath. We have insisted that officers deal with this and will keep up pressure on them, until it has been resolved.

We were really concerned to hear from several people that they don’t think that the Antrim Road playground is safe anymore. After visiting and seeing for ourselves, we can see that some of the new play equipment could pose a danger for younger children. We immediately contacted Camden and insisted that an officer come and investigate. We’ve now asked them to contact the supplier, so that we can resolve the safety issue as a matter of emergency.

If we didn’t get the chance to speak to you last week, please do get in touch!

All the best,

Claire-Louise, Leila, Jonny and Steve

P.S. Our next Street Surgery is outside Tesco, Englands Lane on Saturday 5th August, 10.30-12pm

How to contact us
Cllr Jonny Bucknell: 07941 028088
Cllr Claire-Louise Leyland: 07798 846240
Cllr Leila Roy: 07931 939020